About Us

Fintegrity client

Fintegrity clients benefit from coaching, investing, planning, and responsive service, informed by more than 30 years of investing experience. Fintegrity is a fiduciary registered investment advisor (RIA) serving retirees, professionals, and trustees  across the United States who invest more than $1 million.

Clients trust Fintegrity to manage their investments because they trust the experience and caring holistic approach, guidance on all things financial, including retirement, where to obtain best interest rates on loans and deposits, what insurance clients may need and where to get it, and then some. Most importantly, clients are always managed and serviced by a company principal.

Additional aspects of Fintegrity’s holistic style include replacing paychecks with steady income during retirement, reducing concern about running out of money by calculating and advising how much clients can safely spend, reducing emotional investment decisions that can damage investment results, and translating goals and preferences into long-term investment solutions.

We begin by listening to your priorities and aspirations. Then, we build an investment strategy to achieve your goals. We limit your risk, favor low cost solutions, and consider taxes in managing your account. Your questions are always welcome and answered in clear and uncomplicated language.

As an independently-owned registered investment adviser (RIA) and a fiduciary, Fintegrity only works in your best interest and does not accept commissions from brokerage firms, banks, insurance companies or anyone else. Although we manage your investments, we never take possession of them. Your assets are always held in your name by a well-regarded independent custodian who will issue statements confirming your assets and investment activity.

Fintegrity was founded and is managed by Jeffrey Barnett. His career spans 30 years developing major investment experience. Prior to forming Fintegrity, Jeffrey spent a decade at TIAA, the trillion-dollar asset manager, where he led the product management of a $40 billion portfolio. Also, he directed strategy and product management at J.P. Morgan and M&T Bank.

Mr. Barnett graduated Harvard Business School with a master’s degree in Business Administration and earned a bachelor’s degree, summa cum laude, at the University at Albany.

Jeffrey feels his personal and business life intercede and so he volunteers at nonprofits, such as Ariva, an organization (founded 2003) in New York City that helps low income South Bronx residents file their income taxes and provides financial counseling. Their efforts attract about 15,000 clients annually. Over $20 million are returned to taxpayers, as a result. Barnett hopes to help Ariva grow and serve even more residents through increased community awareness and by streamlining operations.