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We care deeply about your well-being and seek to bring you peace of mind. If you have questions about your investments or the sustainability of your spending, contact us for a free consultation.

The Importance of an Initial Meeting

Choosing the Right Financial Adviser

Finding a financial adviser is about developing a relationship with a professional with whom you trust (fiduciary), have confidence in their expertise, and comfort with their approach to serving your needs.

We provide excellent value to clients who want a long-term partner for their investment management and financial decisions. Many of our clients choose us because we have extensive experience managing retirement investment portfolios and creating sustainable retirement income. Others appreciate our assistance with financial decisions such as determining how much to safely spend each month, refinancing a mortgage, and evaluating insurance coverage.

The first step begins by us listening carefully to your needs and retirement goals, then answering your questions. The initial meeting is complimentary. This can be done by phone, video conference, or in person. Schedule a call online or call us at 201-266-6829.

If you decide to move forward after our initial discussion, we will send a written agreement that outlines the services we will provide for your review and signature. We will also work with you to develop and document an investment program according to your goals and preferences. Subsequently, we will implement and monitor your investments consistent with your investment program. We will stay in touch and adjust your investments as your circumstances change.