Investment Management Fees

Our investment management and advisory fees are based on the market value of the assets under management, according to the following schedule:

$1 million minimum account size

Assets Under Management

Annual Fee

First $1 Million


Next $4 Million


Next $5 Million


Amounts over $10 Million


Fintegrity® charges fees quarterly in arrears (after services are received). Fees are assessed on the closing daily balance in the account, but collected or invoiced within the first ten business days of the next calendar quarter.

Fees only apply for the number of business days services are provided when new accounts begin or existing accounts terminate services in a quarter.

We do not receive any fees or compensation related to the sale or purchase of securities or other investment products.

Financial Planning Fees

Financial planning fees are $10,000 or more, depending on requested services, anticipated complexity of the plan, and service period.