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Specializing in growing wealth, tax optimization, and retirement security, we create unique solutions for each client investing more than $1 million. Call 201-266-6829 for a complimentary consultation.

Trusted and Responsive Wealth Management Expertise

We listen carefully, provide personal attention, and answer questions in clear, uncomplicated language. We limit your risk, favor low-cost solutions, and consider taxes in managing your wealth.

Choosing a Financial Adviser

Retire Confidently

Retirement can be fun and exciting, but it can also bring new financial worries. Retirees who have saved millions of dollars often wonder:

  • Will I run out of money?
  • Could our investments be working harder for us?
  • How much would I lose if we had another financial crisis?
  • Could I be spending more?
  • Do we have the right financial advisor?

Clients’ interests come first at Fintegrity®. We help you feel confident and secure by investing and planning with you.

How We Help

We are retirement specialists who focus on investing and financial planning.


We invest your money consistent with your needs and preferences to:

  • Create sustainable retirement income
  • Achieve long-term growth
  • Minimize taxes
  • Limit your risk
  • Meet your goals

Financial Planning

We provide peace of mind through a comprehensive evaluation of your current and projected future financial resources, including:

  • Cash flow and asset projections
  • Investment review and recommendations
  • When you will be financially ready for retirement
  • If you can spend more money
  • The amount that may be available to your heirs

Who We Help

I'm retiring soon

Currently working, but planning to reduce paid work in the next few years.

I’m already retired

No longer working for an income to support living expenses.

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Some of Our Happy Clients

Hear John’s experience working with Fintegrity

Jean Berkwitt

We are also Fintegrity clients and totally agree with what this client has said.  Jeff is extremely intelligent, well spoken and more than capable to keep our money safe and growing. His personal attention to our needs is unmatched.  We highly recommend his firm!

13 reviews on
Christian Petersen
Christian Petersen
Jeff has been our financial advisor for over three years. He is a highly responsive, reliable, and trustworthy financial partner. He consistently demonstrates market expertise and the utmost professionalism. We have benefited from his sound advice and investment decisions to date and feel confident in his skills and, equally importantly, his integrity to steward our investments for our future.
William Ondo
William Ondo
Jeffrey Barnrtt has made me happy Iwas his first client he is very trustworthy I highly recommend him.
Jessica Emus
Jessica Emus
I was looking for a financial advisor who could advise me on an appropriate asset allocation based on my risk profile, age and retirement goals.   Jeff was recommended to me by a friend and when we met, Jeff ticked all the boxes for me.  He is responsive to all of my questions and his fee structure is reasonable and transparent.  I rest easy knowing that my financial planning is in the hands of a trustworthy and talented professional.
Carl Kirschner
Carl Kirschner
I have always known Jeff to be outstanding as a financial advisor. He knows the relevant information and what is important vs what is popular. He takes the time to listen to my goals and concerns while always keeping me informed. He is a wise, trustworthy and caring professional who stands above the rest. I appreciate his values of caring and involvement in his community.
Josh & Margaret Weiss
Josh & Margaret Weiss
Jeff and I worked together a number of years ago when we were both at TIAA Asset Management. After we left, I heard that he had started Fintegrity. My wife and I wanted to hire a financial advisor, and once we met with Jeff we both knew he was the right choice. Since signing on with Fintegrity, we have found Jeff to be incredibly responsive, even to my sometimes middle-of-the-night inquiries. He's smart and knowledgeable. But most importantly, he has been a calming voice during this current market volatility, which is really the reason we wanted to hire him. Where I might have (probably would have) panicked and sold, Jeff has a steady hand and a calm approach. We have recommended Jeff to two of our close friends, and we will continue to refer friends and acquaintances to him.
Jean Berkwitt
Jean Berkwitt
Given our age we have had several financial advisors through the years and none have helped us as much as Jeff. His ability to carefully listen to our needs and quickly respond with appropriate concrete financial strategies is impressive. His clarity of thought and ability to verbalize his thinking in ways that make sense to us is unusual. His extraordinary patience, low key demeanor and confident interaction style all combine to make him a serious and trustworthy partner in the management of our investments and the health of our financial future.
Susan Drozdowski
Susan Drozdowski
I highly recommend Fintegrity and Jeff Barnett as your advisor to guide you through your important life planning exercises. I've worked with Jeff for many years and his integrity, dedication and investment knowledge is admirable. Jeff has been taking care of my sister and brother-in-law as they transitioned to retirement and has been guiding and supporting my BIL through the passing of my sister. I couldn’t have asked for a better advisor and support structure for my family during difficult times.
Aimee Puglisi
Aimee Puglisi
I highly recommend Jeff Barnett, President at Fintegrity, for your financial planning and investment needs. I have known Jeff for many years and was excited when he started Fintegrity. I had previously invested with two other large financial institutions and was not receiving the personalization or returns that I was seeking. I talked to him about his company's purpose and objectives, and placed my trust in him. Jeff is always available to communicate and strategize with me regarding my investments, and is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional.
David Muskatel
David Muskatel
I highly recommend Jeff as a financial advisor. I've known Jeff for decades and he has a breadth of experience both in the corporate setting as well as working one on one to advise clients on investing and wealth management. Jeff guides clients through financial planning as well as transition during times of change. Jeff has been a counsel to me on investments for many years and I appreciate his long term focus while being close to the current market environment to minimize risks.
Steve Kapner
Steve Kapner
We have worked with Jeff through ups and downs in the market, and we trust his advice and care in the face of uncertainty. He works hard to really understand our financial planning needs, cares deeply about delivering, and is an absolute pleasure to work with.