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Fintegrity® specializes in retirement investing and planning for families in the US who are investing above $1 million. Call 201-266-6829.

Trusted and Responsive Wealth Management Expertise

We listen carefully, provide personal attention, and answer questions in clear, uncomplicated language. We limit your risk, favor low-cost solutions, and consider taxes in managing your wealth.

Choosing a Financial Adviser

Retire with Confidence

Retirement can be fun and exciting, but it can also bring new financial worries. Retirees who have saved millions of dollars often wonder:

  • Will I run out of money?
  • Could our investments be working harder for us?
  • How much would I lose if we had another financial crisis?
  • Could I be spending more?
  • Do we have the right financial advisor?

Clients’ interests come first at Fintegrity®. We help you feel confident and secure by investing and planning with you.

How We Help

We are retirement specialists who focus on investing and financial planning.


We invest your money consistent with your needs and preferences to:

  • Create sustainable retirement income
  • Achieve long-term growth
  • Minimize taxes
  • Limit your risk
  • Meet your goals

Financial Planning

We provide peace of mind through a comprehensive evaluation of your current and projected future financial resources, including:

  • Cash flow and asset projections
  • Investment review and recommendations
  • When you will be financially ready for retirement
  • If you can spend more money
  • The amount that may be available to your heirs

Who We Help

I'm retiring soon

Currently working, but planning to reduce paid work in the next few years.

I’m already retired

No longer working for an income to support living expenses.

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